Couples Therapy

Aporia offers a variety of options for couples looking to improve their

relational connection. 

Option 1: Weekly therapy using an Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

approach is available and is typically viewed as short term therapy. Dr. Koser,

LPC, LPCC is a certified EFT therapist and supervisor.

Option 2: One or 1.5 day couple relationship enrichment weekend. These

weekends are designed for you and your partner to spend one entire

day focusing on the various aspects of your relationship that keep you stuck

in disconnection. Consider this option as a "jump start" for your relationship as you began to understand the relation patterns that keep fueling the disconnection.


The main focus of relationship enrichment weekends is to help couples understand their cycle of disconnection and how it can be fueling a negative pattern of interacting. The goal will be to understand and explore the underlying relational dynamics and how they impact the couple relationship. Typically, when an individual feels their partner doesn’t understand their distress a number of different relational patterns may emerge. In these enrichment weekends the couple will take a more in-depth look at why and how these negative patterns of interacting can impact the couple relationship, effecting the safety and security of the emotional bond.

These weekends are not to replace ongoing couples therapy. Instead they are created to offer a great supplement to the hard work already being done in this regularly scheduled therapy. For couples that are not in couples therapy, these weekends are to help jump-start the therapy process, which will be continued in regularly scheduled couples therapy with another therapist. Continued regular therapy after an enrichment weekend is required in order to help integrate the new relationship patterns that have been established and to provide support for couples as common life stressors arise. The length of time in couples therapy after an enrichment weekend is determined by the couples therapist and the couples ability to integrate new positive ways of interaction.

Requirements for Enrichment Weekends:

  • Must be in couples therapy or have the first appointment scheduled after the enrichment weekend.

  • Enrichment weekends are not for couples that are in major distress in their relationship. Nor is it appropriate for couples with one or both partners engaged in ongoing substance abuse, ongoing affairs, or any kind of physical or emotional violence currently in their relationship.

  • Enrichment weekends are limited, therefore all the work required for a healthy long-term relationship cannot be accomplished in this short time. These weekends are to be viewed as a jump-start to understanding negative relational dynamics. The knowledge gained in these enrichment weekends must be integrated and explored after this experience and throughout the future of your relationship.

  • A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of scheduling to reserve that weekend. The rest of the payment is due upon meeting.

For more information or available dates, please call or email.