Each card was hand made with the hope of inspiring couples who are going through infertility treatments. The cards are blank inside for you to fill it with all your love. This card is perfect for your husband, wife, partner, parents, friends, or any other person who is special to you through this process!

Printable Greeting Card: Making A Baby Is Hard

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  • **Digital print - NO card will be shipped!

    Need a card in a pinch? Maybe you want to give one to a co-worker or include one in a care package for a friend and just can't wait for shipping! These are a perfect solution and can be bought and printed within 2 minutes!

    Here are a few instructions to make the process even more easy (is that even possible?):

    - These cards print on normal 8.5 x 11 inch paper

    - If you want to send it or put it in an envelop - it will fit most! If you are a paper nerd like me, look for size A2.

    - Think about the paper you choose to print it on. Most cards are printed on a heavier card stock or something around #80, but if you're in a hurry any kind will work just fine.

    - Be sure you can print in color

    - When you print comes out of the printer you can fold it several ways:

    1) With the print facing you, there should be two images (one on the right quadrant and one on the left quadrant). You can fold the paper hamburger style (ha!) with the images still facing you. Then fold again to put the front image on the front and the logo on the back. If you like this look - you are now ready to fill the inside with all your love! If you want to remove some extra bulk, go to step 2.

    2) After you've finished the above steps, unfold the card completely with the images facing up. You should now easily see four quadrants. You can cut along the middle line which will remove the top two quadrants (removing the extra bulk). You are now ready to write and send! High five!