Enjoy 14 days of reflection during your two week wait. These cards are meant to encourage and keep you focused on what matters. There is a new word to reflect on each day keeping you from sinking into fear and instead reflecting on how to stay positive and calm. These cards are meant to enhance your own ability to withstand the difficulty of waiting and enjoy the possibility of what's to come.

Set comes with 14 reflection cards and 3 cards with images--print at home and keep them close.
Happy waiting!

TWW Cards

  • **Digital print - NO card will be shipped!

    Need some encouragement in a pinch? Maybe you want to give this as a gift to yourself or include one in a care package for a friend and just can't wait for shipping! These are a perfect solution and can be bought and printed within 2 minutes!

    - Think about the paper you choose to print it on. Most cards are printed on a heavier card stock or something around #80, but if you're in a hurry any kind will work just fine.

    - Be sure you can print in color