Image by John Urbain

“A psychoanalysis, consists in speaking freely, in not hushing the ideas

that go through your head...Little by little,

from within your own words, another meaning forms and surprises

you, then falls apart, taking the pain with it. Usually, you discover just

how conditioned you had been by apparently minute elements

encountered in hazardous circumstances: things from childhood,

meetings, certain words said to you, and we keep coming back to them

until the malevolent charge of these elements softens. Each case is

different.” (Jacques-Alain Miller, 2005.)


Every clinician has a selected theoretical orientation that guides his or her practice. There are many different orientations, and, therefore, many different ways to practice. There are also many orientations, which require a significant amount of continual training. Psychoanalysis is one such orientation, and it is not only widely respected, but also practiced actively around the globe. Dr. Nate Koser practices from within this psychoanalytic tradition as a Lacanian psychoanalyst. He is a Psychoanalyst Member of The School of Psychoanalysis of the
Forums of the Lacanian Field
, an internationally recognized School that consists of individuals selected according to thorough, rigorous application procedures. Dr. Koser is also an active member of numerous psychoanalytic groups both domestically and internationally (see bio page) through which he is supported in his professional development. His scholarly work has consisted in teaching, writing, and delivering professional presentations to other practicing clinicians and those in training, and he has served in many consulting and supervisory roles. The theoretical orientation from which Dr. Koser practices requires that clinical treatment always be established according to the unique circumstances of each individual. Please contact Aporia Counseling & Psychotherapy, PLLC for more information. From your initial contact, arrangements will be made regarding fee and scheduling.