Love & Enrich: A Virtual Couples Retreat

  • Love & Enrich

    A Virtual Couples Retreat
    Valid for one year

What you'll get:

A virtual retreat-like format of the highly sought after “Love and Enrich: An Experience for Couples” retreat. It is now accessible to you in your living room, for date nights, or as weekend commitment to your marriage—walking you through the basics of understanding your communication patterns


A 3-part video learning series with 90 minutes of instruction and education with Dr. Kristy Koser, LPCC (Certified EFT couples therapist/supervisor) helping start the process of understanding your attachment history and its impact on your communication patterns


Over 7 exercises to walk through with your partner at your own pace to enhance your learning and start creating emotional "muscle memory"


A brief introduction to The Enneagram and how understanding this small part of your personality can inform your attachment style and need for connection